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What is the purpose of self-service in a company?

Nowadays all businesses are in constant evolution, where their focus is to ensure convenience for all consumers. Users are looking for a comfortable way to solve their inquiries without having to go through tedious processes. That is why, next, we will know what self-service is for in a company, in addition to some important points about its general functionality.

What is self-service?

It is a process through which the customer, when wanting to purchase a product or service, can solve doubts regarding his purchase in an autonomous way; that is to say, without the need to enter into physical contact with the company. The focus of this type of platform is to improve the overall consumer experience independently from where the customer can be.

Knowing what self-service is for in a company allows marketing and advertising strategies to lead as many customers as possible to a personalized and comfortable service. In this aspect, self-service has stood out for being extremely useful, since it reduces response times and increases sales in the long term.

What is self-service for in a company?

Para qué sirve el autoservicio en una empresa

Some of the advantages provided by self-service in companies include the following:

  • Minimization of overhead costs. By eliminating traditional service channels and changing them to a digital format, modern companies have shown savings of 30% in their general capital.
  • Optimized time. With today’s technological development, online users require quick and concise answers to their questions. Therefore, by implementing a self-service system, the consumer’s initial interest in making a purchase is maintained.
  • Prolonged availability. These virtual platforms remain active 24 hours a day, since most of them operate through the use of cloud servers. This, in addition, provides a personalized and reactive level of attention to the customer’s needs.

What is self-service for in a multinational company with varied services?

When it comes to defining what self-service is for in a company with international coverage, we have the following points to highlight:

  • It molds to the type of culture and communication style of different regions to create a much closer and more reliable company-consumer relationship.
  • By adding automated systems, international self-service is optimized through feedback.
  • Booming self-service offers greater power to the customer by providing self-sufficient tools with which they are able to place greater value on their personal time.

How and why have companies migrated to self-service?

To know how and why companies have migrated to self-service, we must study the current business landscape. According to analyses carried out by international agencies, at least 70% of online consumers want to resolve their queries independently.

Companies have chosen to invest in more sophisticated web-based customer service technologies, especially because they are easy and less costly to maintain over time. In addition, it allows the hiring of trained personnel throughout the world, thus creating a much more extensive coverage.

Another determining factor in how and why companies have migrated to self-service is how they access this type of technology. Most businesses have opted to install dedicated servers and create automated live text chat software to meet the needs of their customers.

Other self-service options include self-service totems or self-service modules. These, for example, can be found in retail stores, banks, medical centers, pharmacies, supermarkets, among others.

In Belltech you can find various hardware and software to implement self-service in your company. We offer you the support and advice you need to carry out a solution like this. We invite you to leave us your details in our contact form and an agent will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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