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What is conversational artificial intelligence and what are its advantages?

Conversational artificial intelligence is a technology that uses data, processes language in a natural way and develops automatic learning to engage in text or verbal conversations. In this article we will see its main features and advantages. As a preview, it is important to know that for companies the use of this tool saves time and money.

Characteristics of conversational artificial intelligence

This technology can recognize human communication patterns to engage in conversations in a natural way. This way, users can have an organic, positive experience and social interaction.

Questions may arise at this point about how well these systems work to achieve good results. The answer is that conversational artificial intelligence is the result of the convergence of years of development in voice assistant technologies.

On the enterprise side, conversational artificial intelligence is seen, for example, in different virtual assistance software. This type of software can understand even the most complex queries in a natural tone using artificial intelligence, thus providing fast and efficient responses to customers.

Conversational AI technology is a step up from what a simple chatbot can offer; where simpler chatbots can only answer pre-determined questions. A conversational AI simulates real conversations; with the ability to group topics and make connections between them to provide answers to complex questions.

How can this technology be used?

Inteligencia artificial conversacional Belltech

A customer service platform is one of the best places to apply these innovative systems. A bot equipped with artificial intelligence capable of engaging in real conversations can answer questions and handle complaints immediately and be available at all times.

Moreover, the use of bots in sales over simpler contact forms has proven to be more effective when aiming to generate leads.

Advantages of conversational artificial intelligence for companies

As we have already stated, this technology entails a number of benefits that companies can take advantage of. We list the most important ones below:

  • Bots with conversational intelligence can build relationships with current or potential customers in a personalized way.
  • Thanks to automation, it is possible to serve a much larger volume of customers or users in a cost-effective way.
  • Through these systems it is possible to get to know customers better because a large amount of data is collected during the various processes.
  • The response time is reduced and the satisfaction of the persons making an inquiry is increased.
  • It frees up customer service personnel for critical or complex tasks.
  • This technology is scalable and can work with hundreds of people at the same time. If necessary, demand peaks can be planned for.

Better communication with young users and customers.

Messaging app powered by AI of this type also enable better communication with young audiences. This is because the younger generation prefers chats or messages to telephone communication. On the other hand, the use of slangs or spelling mistakes are not an impediment to conversation.

At Belltech we offer different solutions based on conversational AI for your company. This way, it is possible to optimize your customer service department and improve the profitability for your company. AI is a technology that is causing an evolution in the communication channels of companies, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions through our contact form.

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