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Banco Macro: Moving towards a complete digital experience for your customers

Banco Macro has incorporated into its Digital Transformation strategy a complete renovation of its virtual assistant “eMe”. This solution was born from the search for an omnichannel solution to digitize customer service that allows automation as the first point of contact and thus the overflow of digital contact center operators. The solution implemented by Belltech in partnership with Nuance Communications using Artificial Intelligence technology is called “Nina”.

This evolution of its virtual assistant allows the Bank to establish a more intuitive and more evolving conversation, using natural language, with its customers as the first point of contact through its digital channels (website, social networks, WhatsApp, Mobile, among others), thus optimizing its processes. In this way, the virtual assistant is positioned as the first frontier of customer service without detracting from the experience delivered, thus collaborating with the corporate vision that seeks to achieve Macro’s recognition as the leading bank in customer satisfaction in Argentina, and that guides its customers to know more so that they can make better decisions.

With this premise in mind, “eMe, de Macro” is programmed to answer all banking queries, and in case there is any question it cannot answer, it learns it. Thus, it transparently communicates its evolutionary capacity.

Alejandra Rodríguez,
Digital Transformation Manager, Macro.

Alejandra Rodríguez, Digital Transformation Manager at Banco Macro, details, “Among the main results observed after 4 months of implementation, there has been an improvement in the dialogue strategy of the Virtual Assistant “eMe”, making it a more fluid and humanized logic, capable of processing more than 135,000 monthly interactions through the different customer service channels and achieving a recognition rate of close to 90%.”

¿What process did Banco Macro go through to select this solution?

“We evaluated different solutions that met the business objectives. The Bank already had some previously implemented solutions, which were replaced. In this process, we studied several tools available in the market and finally, since Belltech has been a strategic partner of the Bank for several years, and Nuance has the technology and the solution that best suits our needs, we realized that our best option was to hand over the project to the Belltech-Nuance alliance“, adds Alejandra.

The Bank incorporated the Nuance “NDEP” (Nuance Digital Enterprise Platform) suite, which allows the development of Virtual Assistants in different Digital Channels, such as Web, Mobile, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, among others. This solution implemented by Belltech includes a Live Chat, giving the possibility to integrate the overflow to digital operators and a functionality called “Nina Coach”. Said functionality optimizes the handling of interpretation intents, thus improving the user experience in the use of NLU natural language, which was one of the main challenges in the development of this strategy.

About Banco Macro: It currently has 8,706 employees, 1,547 ATMs, 957 self-service terminals and a structure of 500 points of service. It is currently the private bank with the largest network of branches throughout Argentina, and thus is positioned as the number bank of the National Private Capital Banks.

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