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Fast and efficient solutions demand automation combined with human analysis.

Now is the time for automation and human functions to come together to meet new market demands. We try hard to find quick solutions to processes that for us as clients seem so simple, but the organizational response shows us that, due to lack of employees or administrative management, the requests cannot be processed the way we want them to be: fast and efficient.

As Belltech, we see that many repetitive processes within organizations would be more efficient if RPA were incorporated into them, but we understand that enterprises do not always make the leap to this evolution, because they’re afraid of the costs, the complexity of new processes, the belief of complex implementations, among others. But let’s understand RPA in simple words, what it promises to come to solve, and why it is so urgent to incorporate it today.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital solution that helps us to create virtual robots to automate repetitive tasks in organizations. RPA is capable of automating processes as simple as a copy and paste activity, up to tasks as complex as detecting fraud or unpaid bills. Basically, it depends on how clear the organization is about its procedures and the effective detection of those where cognitive analysis is not required to carry them out. From there, anything is possible!

Automation brings several benefits. Among them, for example, we notice how employees optimize their time to take care of truly essential tasks, demonstrating skills in data analysis. They afterwards transform these pieces of data into solutions, which leads to an effective use of service times in the peak hours, prioritizing better human interaction and customer experience. On the customer side, a better, faster, more efficient and error-free service is obtained. In addition, organizations improve compliance, can adapt their strategies to the demand peak and obtain insights according to the data collected by the robots. This last element is one of the most valued nowadays, as it allows to make visible information that was previously hidden behind the processes and increase the knowledge of their customers. And finally, the inclusion of RPA allows organizations to reduce costs and have a quick ROI, by efficiently allocating company resources to processes and data processing and improving customer satisfaction by delivering a quality service on time.

In summary, RPA technology helps organizations to run more efficiently!

Belltech, a company present in 7 Latin American countries and with more than 22 years of experience supporting the transformation processes of enterprises, can become the strategic partner that designs and executes the adoption of this technology within organizations. From a consulting point of view and offering full support during the process, we collaborate with our customers to ensure the success of the projects, and we use our experience to get the most out of the information for the knowledge of your final customer.

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