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When someone assists us, we expect them to be fast, efficient, simple and effective, especially when we need clear and specific information. Virtual assistants offer this, in addition to a wide range of other benefits for both the companies that implement them, as well as the users who interact with them. The great development of technology and its expansion to all types of users, has brought as a result advancements that have even led to the creation of devices made for personal use at home, such as the already known “Siri” from Apple, “Alexa” from Amazon, or “Cortana” from Microsoft.  That’s right, Virtual Assistants are no longer just the stuff of science fiction, movies or an out of reach solution, but have made their way into homes and technology users worldwide. On the other hand, virtual assistance software has expanded to those industries that seek to respond quickly and clearly to the requirements of their customers and thus improve the service experience they receive.

Belltech’s virtual assistants, beyond answering questions, are able to engage in a natural and intelligent conversation, regardless of the channel from which the conversation arises, always making sure of delivering a quality experience, without falling into redundancies or inconsistencies often associated with other similar solutions.

Virtual Assistants ensure Efficiency, Consistency and Business Focus

They have the technology and artificial intelligence to understand even the most complex queries in a natural tone, providing fast and efficient answers.

They guarantee quality and omnichannel using “Natural Language Understanding” (NLU) technology, which translates into a consistent response on all platforms where the Virtual Assistant and the client interact.

And finally, they ensure a business approach that safeguards security, reliability, and privacy of the stored data, always adapting to the requirements and characteristics sought by the customer according to their business strategy.

According to the “The future Customer Experience 5 essential trends” report, AI engines are the new intermediaries between businesses and customers in the purchase decision: “the complexities of modern life are driving our brains into cognitive overload. To deal with the situation, customers are turning to AI engines, trusting their recommendations and putting traditional brand interactions on the back burner.” People are increasingly relying on interaction with Bots, which are already becoming part of our lives.

The role of virtual assistants has been key in these times of pandemic crisis, offering quick solutions and avoiding physical contact through various service channels, such as social networks, telephone services, websites, among others. In addition to this, the level of trust that a user places in these customer service mechanisms has grown, and they are now a safe and efficient way to resolve customer problems and processes.

Virtual assistants are technological beings that learn and adjust themselves according to the type of response that is required. They incorporate a large number of variables in their communication style, such as using a colloquial language (for example, they can use “usted” in Colombia, “tú” in Chile or “vos” in Argentina); using a technical language; or adjusting to a certain tone and specific style, according to the needs of both the business and the customer, leading to brands being increasingly closer to their consumers.

If a response it’s not possible, or if the service requires the intervention of a real agent, assistants will generate the referral in real time and without affecting the service flow, while being transparent to the customer and maintaining the level of experience. Virtual assistants have values, identity and a purpose according to what the company wants to convey. They can be programmed specifically for the required industry or role, delivering unprecedented flexibility of action.

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