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How do self-service technologies impact customer service and satisfaction?

In an increasingly technological world, evolution has been key in a certain sense, especially in terms of self-service technologies. This type of technology has contributed greatly to improve customer service on companies through all industries.

What are self-service technologies?

According to Research Gate, “self-service technologies (SST) are defined as technology interfaces that allow customers to produce a service without the direct involvement of employees.”

The world of retail, banking and customer service are sectors that have pioneered in the implementation of self-service technologies; effectively benefiting from the new “robots”. We see machines that help us to obtain an queue, avoiding long lines, taking advantage of the precise information given by artificial intelligence system; machines that help us speed up our shopping in both retail stores and supermarkets; machines that help us with orders in the reception and shipping of parcels or packages.

Regarding the evolution of self-service technologies in Latin America, we can refer to the example of Chile, a country that has experimented a substantial growth in digital transformation overall and the use self-service in all kind of business; according to Marcel Goic, an industrial engineer from the University of Chile, director of the Center for Retail Studies (CERET), the inclusion of the evolution of technologies in the Chilean market has been solved thanks to:

  1. Automation, which has proven to be effective in margin reductions motivated by stable cost reductions.
  2. The progress of digital channels.
  3. The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), which facilitates machine interaction in less structured situations.

How does self-service hardware benefit your company?

Tecnologías de autoservicio con Belltech

The implementation of self-service hardware implies an evolution of physical stores towards improving customer service. This is because employees can dedicate themselves to more critical tasks. In this way, it is possible to produce greater customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

According to the above, it is possible to influence customer satisfaction with certainty. Improving also customer loyalty and preference of self-payment or self-service at retail outlets or branches; this marks a positive trend in interactions of subsequent users based on different attributes such as: speed, ease of use, control, reliability and enjoyment.

Certainly the planning, execution and control of hardware operations to sustain these desired standards is based on first class professional services, that provide operational continuity of all services, monitoring management, predictive support teams and on-site attention.

Undoubtedly, the successful use of SST (Self Service Technologies) can “bind” consumers to a supplier, representing a feature that differentiates a retailer from the competition.

If you found this content interesting and want to know more about SST, self-service or self-payment and the base technology solutions for its development and how to apply it in your organization, in Belltech we will be happy to support your Digital Transformation projects. We offer you the support and advice you need to carry out a solution like this. We invite you to leave us your details in our contact form and an agent will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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