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We start a new year adding knowledge under the “new normal” we have been experiencing in recent times, one that brought the loss of some freedoms and new necessities to be considered; both for the consumer and for small and large companies.

The world keeps rolling and as always, we must evolve and adapt to new paths to better and more efficiently support the choices and needs of our consumers, focusing our 2022 strategy on solutions that encompass all possible points of contact with the customer.

In our last edition, we talked about the technologies that would be key to keep up to the evolution of customer needs and we concluded that it is not possible to ensure success without a good Omnichannel strategy. Today, having well designed and interconnected contact points is a must.

“Omnichannel” is a concept that seeks the unification of all service channels, ensuring that the customer can interact and communicate through the medium that suits him best. It differs from “multi-channel” in that the objective of the latter is to make the presence of a company/brand available in different channels, but each channel is managed autonomously and separately, giving rise to many problems in the flow of user interaction.

The objective of omnichannel is to stablish lasting relationships with customers by being scalable and adapting the channels or means by which it communicates, that is, moving from one channel to another according to customer requirements. One of the most important factors to achieve this is to keep the data provided by users constantly updated and without errors. This concept becomes key to developing customer-based strategies and improving their experience.

It is essential that the entire business plan reacts to changes in consumer behaviour and coordinates to deliver a unified experience with the same standards, regardless of the channel through which it is consumed.

Regardless of where the client is, the service will always be exceptional, based on a comprehensive experience.

When we talk about comprehensive experience wherever the client is, one of the most important banking entities in Chile, Banco Estado, demonstrates what this means. Recently, they have inaugurated their most remote offices with a self-service and “remote service” model. 73 remote locations; more than 400,000 people, the vast majority without a access to banking services in their communities, where most costumers often needed to travel to the closest town or city will now be benefited with access more than 155 operations, most of them in the form of self-service and others through a video call through contact with a remote Banco Estado executive.

This initiative not only adds self-service totems, but also, with face-to-face executive attention for certain procedures on scheduled days, in addition to the incorporation of ATMs. A variety of channels that will work synchronized towards omnichannel to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Likewise, the multinational company Falabella recently announced that it will invest close to US$700 million in 2022 according to La Tercera Pulso newspaper, where 60% of the resources will go to investments in technology and logistics, while the remaining 40% will go to expanding the network of stores in the different countries that the Retail company operates. One of its leaders, Domingo Lama – Country Manager Chile, shares through the platform “E-Commerce Institute” and its “Digital Commerce e-Líderes News” on YouTube about how retailer strategies evolved towards a unified commerce and highlights: “…We see clearly that there has been a tremendous evolution in terms of omnichannel strategies, going from multichannel where each of the channels did not have any conversation with each other, to an omnichannel focus that is a more unified version for the customer, how we communicate through our different media and how the pandemic accelerated this to us. In the case of Chile, e-commerce went from being 12% to 20% and even a little more. […] it is not only to appear to be a single business through the multiple points of contact on the front-end for the client, but also in the back-end, where the data, the processes, the stocks , the prices of the different products in the different channels are connected. We are in an era of omnichannel, the call is to unify systems to offer better experiences to customers” he concludes.

In the same way, Jose Ignacio Calle, Director of Omnichannel Transformation of Mall Plaza, completes the concept, and indicates: “…the client is not binary, the person is one as a whole and the brands must get used to the situation in which the client finds himself, it is not that the client interacts with a part of the business by connecting through a given channel, but with everything that is the company itself. The evolution in the operation, logistics and marketing, have to do with technology, but also with the organizational culture.

Domingo Lama (Falabella) adds: “…according to the data I manage, between 70% and 80% of consumers combine the purchasing processes between the online showcase and in store purchase – showcase and online purchase, even showcase, online purchase and in store return. Customer interactions are becoming increasingly complex, so the need for companies to be Omnichannel and offer unified solutions is growing.”

Both agree that the evolution of companies includes an omnichannel approach that leads to a unified commerce process, the transformation of companies towards an omnichannel approach will only continue growing and developing, that does not mean having more channels, but rather being tightly connected with each other. other. Information is only one, so that more than connection alternatives, we must generate solutions for customers.

If you found this content interesting and want to know more about Omnichannel strategies and applications for your business, in Belltech we will be happy to support your Digital Transformation projects, offering you products, support and consultancy services you need to carry out your projects. We invite you to reach us out at and an agent will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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