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Tools of the future that will be at our disposition

On the verge of the new year and because of the vertiginous scenario of social restrictions fluctuations, new quarantines and new COVID variants that 2022 will bring, a high level of activity is expected for the telecommunications industry.

As usual, the pandemic keeps bringing changes in all aspects of our lives; economic, social and above all technological. For it is the modern technological infrastructure that has allowed the world to keep working in these times, adapting to the needs of companies, which were looking for rapid changes in the face of imminent needs.

It is important to point out the impact that the years 2020-2021 caused in the advancement of digitization and connectivity of companies to support the multi-systemic processes of consumers, companies and even state agencies.

Until July 2020, the digitization level of products and/or services in the world reached 55%, jumping 7 years in relation to the pace at which digitization was being adopted in pre-pandemic periods (according to this McKinsey report).

And since this increase in the digitization of products or services requires solid connectivity, telecommunications networks have become increasingly essential to ensure the operational continuity of many other multiple industries.

One of the most important technologies, which is rapidly making its entry into Latin American markets, is 5G telecommunications networks; a huge boost to connectivity and business transformation, as well as a leap in the quality of services for people. In fact, there are already several projects that also put the 6G network on the table: “…6G sixth generation in mobile connectivity, is a technology that is expected to use high frequency TeraHertz radio waves, which finally closes the gap between the digital, physical and human worlds,” as defined in an article on telecommunication trends published by Geotech Solutions on LinkedIn.

And in case any doubt remains, 7G is also being worked on. -British Telecom’s (BT) head of networks emphasized that initial research is underway for the 7G network that will be categorized into 7G base and 7.6G. According to analysts, 7G is intended to enable interaction between different systems worldwide, for example, the United States (GPS), China (Beidou), among others. According to the article “The future of networks: 6G and 7G” by LPS, “Telecommunications will remain globally competitive… maintaining competitiveness and labour production, taking advantage of emerging technologies that enhance the evolution of customer experience, network expansion and infrastructure management.

Constant connectivity and improved customer service, with the evolution and application of new technologies may become key elements for both the evolution of enterprises, as the backbone for telecommunications companies.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) solutions are consolidating in the market, backed up by greater consumer confidence.

With the arrival of new connectivity speeds such as 5G, the AI and ML technologies will operate hand in hand, able to handle even greater amounts of data, updating their prediction and analysis capabilities, improving the customer experience in an Omnichannel sense, ultimately generating great opportunities for business growth.

Another technological tool that is gaining strength, and of which we have already spoken previously, are cloud based services, a great solution that helps in the transfer of operations and maintain continuous flow for companies, becoming an essential ally when carrying out digital transformation processes.

With a close relationship between the aforementioned technologies, which promise greater integration, connectivity and communication between customers and companies, the omnichannel service and development of communication technologies will lead in the hyperconnected market of tomorrow.

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