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Essential ally in digital transformation

Digital ecosystems grow at a tremendous pace. We are living in a world that-although we saw coming- advanced quickly and hastily. We have accepted it and settled into our new normal.

Although Cloud Computing has been around for many years, was not until the pandemic arrived that many businesses faced the necessity to continue their operations from a remote working mode, an option who many thought would not be successful, but has proven to come to stay with us.

However, the fundamental solution to face this changes for businesses, where to manage, classify and communicate operations was the critical goal, was the adoption of Cloud Based Services. An accessibility and storage solution that was up to the requirements and demands of the moment, just waiting to be implemented across organizations.

Cloud Computing is an information managing system that set a beforeand after in the way of working, either as an individual or as a company.

By definition it is: “A computer system that is hosted on one or more servers, which can be accessed from any device connected to the network, usually through a web browser. In this way, the resources of this system are kept on-demand, easing fast and secure access to centralized data from anywhere.

It is also know as Virtual Cloud. Users can access all kinds of information quickly and efficiently without the need for dedicating own resources to data storage. All the information, data, documents and even operational processes are kept in a diversified external server, which is independent in a structural level, therefore, users can access information easily from anywhere, thus eliminating the storage concerns and allowing to redirect resources to other business aspects, for example, e-commerce, as well as saving in infrastructure and assets.

We must understand that digital transformation is not just about technology itself, but also the way organizations implement and manage said technology on an organizational culture level, having an agile disposition to drive the necessary changes within the organization and foresee customer needs.

Cloud based services can help improve operations, collaboration and data mining, throught a centralized and reliable way, available on demand. This technology provides a solid outsourced infrastructure to understand customers based on data, in synchrony with both business and consumer needs.

The large amount of data generated today is the basic for understanding and improving processes and Cloud Computing infrastructure preserves and manages said data and processes, such as: RPA, CRM and others, most of them often a fundamental ally for the development of new strategies throughout the company. The key is to scale processes to generate and obtain more and better quality information.

Finally, in this way we can observe that Cloud Computing platforms become an essential tool to carry out digital transformation processes, being a universal solution for all type organization, from the smallest to the largest. When used with creativity and ingenuity to establish omnichannel solutions that meet the needs of each consumer niche.

If this content was interesting for you and you want to know more about how we can help you implement cloud based services at your organization, at Belltech we will be happy to support your Digital Transformation projects, offering you the support and advice you need to accomplish a solution like this. We invite you to submit your contact information at and an agent will contact you in less than 48 hours.

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